Wading and Waiting Heron Pendant

Wading Heron on glass Pendant
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Quietly paddling a kayak along the lake, a large paddy of water lillies comes into view. I've never seem so many lillies, blooming yellow and pink just above the water. The boat is slow and silent, making very subtle waves. Near to the coastline is a large white bird, patiently standing in shallow water. He doesn't move when he sees me, and I stop to admire him. This is the inspiration for the Wading and Waiting Heron Pendant.

The pendant is 6 layers of glass, each layer adding another scenic effect. In between the layers is crushed glass, dichroic glass, glass paint and more. The heron itself is paint that is made from finely crushed glass, it becomes part of the rest of the layers upon firing. Nevers rubs off or fades.

The necklace is 18" long and hand braided using an ancient japanese braiding technique using 4 different colors.

The beautiful blues and shimmery dichroic glass goes great with a jeans outfit, cute sundress, or stands out against a turtleneck sweater!

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