Silver Oyster Pendant

Silver, Glass and Mother of Pearl Pendant
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My favorite place is a peaceful seat on the beach, waves crashing and rolling in. Along the horizon are boats, fishing and gathering fish and other delicacies. Of all the shellfish, clams and oysters have an interesting skill - creating pearls from a spec of sand or other debris. That is the basis for the Silver Oyster Pendant. Mother of pearl is made by a spec of debris inside a clam or oyster that ends up with an iridescent coating on the outside. This pendant has two teardrop shaped mother of pearl beads.

The glass of this pendant is of the River Rock Series - made from different types of glass reacting with sheets of pure silver.

The glass is set in pure fine silver (100% silver). The silver is hand scuplted with a fine silver bezel.

The 16" necklace is hand beaded using glass, agate, and mother of pearl with a sterling lobster claw clasp.

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