Green Sea Turtle Pendant

Silhouette of a green sea turtle in glass Pendant.
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While in Hawaii, my goal was to see a sea turtle. We swam in Hanauma Bay and in the bay I saw fish of all kinds but no turtle. We then visited the black sand beaches. I thought I was certain to see a sea turtle. The black sand is actually finely crushed lava and it sparkles like diamonds in the sun. The beach was gorgeous but as we were ready to leave I still did not see a turtle, or so I thought. While we walked back to the car across the twinkling black sand, I stopped to look out at the ocean and something caught my eye. Not 30 feet from me, sleeping peacefully a few feet from the oceans' edge was a large green sea turtle! In Hawaii it is illegal to disturb them, you're not allowed less than 15 feet from them. As I walked as close as I was allowed, he raised his head and looked back at me! My mission was accomplished. I was in awe and thus inspired when I created this pendant.

The pendant is layers of glass with a dichroic glass top layer. This top layer is hand etched with the image of a sea turtle and the edges are cut to the silhouette of the turtle shape.

The necklace is hand beaded, 16" with a fancy magnetic clasp.

The turtle or 'honu' in hawaiian, symbolizes a long life and positive energy. Experience the ancient 'honu' with this pendant.

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