Etched Perching Birds Copper Cuff Bracelet

Birds perched on a branch etched copper cuff bracelet with 'boiled' glass.
USD 90.00

I live in the woods and there is a constant flurry of feathered friends that wait on the edges of branches for their turn at the feeder. I get great inspiration from the scenery, and the birds gave me the design for this bracelet.

Perching birds are etched into both sides of the copper cuff. The centerpiece is glass that has been layered and heated to a point where the bottom layers bubble up through the top layers creating astonishing designs.

The glass is set on a copper base plate and held in place with copper tabs.

A carnelian stone is set in a sterling silver bezel cup and soldered to one side of the bracelet. The red in the carnelian relates to the red in the glass, reminding me of the red berries on the bushes in winter.

The entire bracelet has a rainbow patina.

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