Chinese Phoenix Stained Glass Window SALE

Phoenix Stained Glass Window
USD 600.00

This is a colorful 14 1/2" x 19" traditional stained glass window of a chinese phoenix. This is a slightly modified design from Chantal Pare, built by Eye Candy Glass Art. There are 200 pieces of glass, each individually cut and copper foiled. The background glass is hammered, iridized clear glass. The iridizing gives is a rainbow effect when the light reflects against it.

The 'curls' on the window are handmade from twisted wire and actually stand away from the window.

The window is framed in brass came with handmade hangers.

The chinese phoenix or Feng huang (also known as firebird) in Chinese is one of the 4 Chinese mythical animals. The body of phoenix is said to symbolize 6 celestial bodies. The eyes are the sun, the head is the sky, the back is the moon, the feet are the earth, the wings are the wind and the tail is the planets.

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