Ambler Arts Festival - June 13, 2015

Eye Candy Glass Art will be at the Ambler Arts Festival June 13, 2015. Come on out and enjoy shopping, music, and food. Hope to see you there!

How Long Is That?

As I ponder the meaning of life, I was wondering, what is the most popular length for a necklace? Weird, I know. My brain can take me to the most far off lands if I let it go long enough.

Maybe it depends on the outfit....or maybe it is individual taste....or maybe it is related to generation....I don't know. 

As an individual, I like shorter necklaces. For me the optimal length is 15-17". That's just what I'm comfortable with, or it's just what goes with most of what's in my closet.

I have seen some people wearing multiple necklaces with varying lengths, that looks nice too.

There is so much variation that I was hoping to get some feedback on what people like, and what they like to wear it with. I'm just one person so I figure that two heads (or many more) are better than one (mine). Hope to hear from you!

Do You Know How Mother's Day Began?

One of the most important people in our lives are our mothers. The second Sunday every May is celebrated to honor the person that brought us into this world ('I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!' - ever heard that when you were a naughty little kid?).  So how did this holiday begin?

As far as wikipedia explains, it initially began in 1905 when Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother ,"the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world" she said. When the holiday took off, Anna initially protested the idea and even crashed a candy convention in Philadephia in protest.

Eventually, the holiday became a celebration all over the world but not necessarily on the same day depending on the significance of religious holidays or historical significance.

Remember your mom, your wife ,your signifcant other on this day by writing a heartfelt note, collecting a beautiful bouquet of flowers (or you can just by them ;) , take her somewhere memorable. Make it her day.


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NEW River Rock Series

Check out the new River Rock Series. Each one is entirely different, this process creates a surprise each time the kiln is opened!

Although I can't tell you the exact secret of attaining this facinating effect, I can tell you that it is caused by selecting certain types of glass and seeing how they behave when fused together.

Not all glass has this effect, you need to experience to determine which ones have this property and experiment to find what the end results may look like. The process starts with selecting glass with certain chemical compositions. Some elements 'react' with each other when heated and create these outrageous results. Add to the mix either pure silver or copper and the results are even more fabulous.

Once fired, I handwork them to the desired shapes and bead them a complementary necklace. I am so excited to introduce these pieces to you, the mix of possibilities are endless!

River Rock Series

How Exciting Designs are Created

In every piece of my glasswork there is a thought process from beginning to end. If you look at my work from pendants to art pieces, each one is made in an individual process from beginning to end. This means that every piece is made as one, never reproduced or repeated, never mass manufactured, and never made as a larger piece and then cut into many smaller ones.

You will notice that at any one time I don't have hundreds in my inventory. This is because it takes time to produce each piece and I can not control the amount of time it takes to decide what a piece will look like. Some artists like to sketch their piece first and then create it. I have never been able to work in that way. Sometimes I will start a piece with an idea in mind and by the end it goes a totally different way. I have to actually see and feel where the piece is going to get to the end result.

When designing windows I will create a sketch but it changes many times before I actually build it and sometimes I will change it, even in the build stage. I have been known to build and then undo and rebuild a piece if it doesn't 'light my fire'.

This is the mission I like to work towards so that anyone that purchases one of my pieces knows that is was made as a one and only, from beginning to end.

In the next post, I will discuss some of the processes that a piece of glass may take on it's way to becoming a piece I can be proud of.



You Have a Big Heart! Happy Valentine's Day

Eye Candy Glass Art is offering a 20% (WOW) discount through Feb 15, 2015. Shipping is free on pendants so get that special someone a one-of-a-kind piece to show them how special they really are!

New for 2015

First and formost, Welcome to Eye Candy Glass Arts' new website. After a few months of hard work, our site up and running and ready for 2015! Next on the agenda is a list of shows for the year, which will be posted once it is finalized.

Also, coming soon to Eye Candy are some new and very interesting pieces. I am putting the finishing touches on a new technique that will create some unique pieces that you will not find anywhere. Absolutely fine art pendants with a definite 'WOW' effect. This photo below is a piece of glass that is half-way through the process to making some fabulous art jewelry. Keep your 'eyes' pelled for the finished pieces.

River Rock Jewelry Process

New Hope Arts Festival

The weather was wonderful this weekend for the New Hope Arts Festival. Two sunny days, lots of terrific artists. I love describing my techniques to everyone and tremendously appreciate their reaction.

Eye Candy will be at the Newtown Arts Festival on October 11th, hope to see you there!

How Thick Am I?

When you look at a handmade, kiln worked piece of glass, notice the thickness. Did you know that in nature, glass heated to molten temperatures wants to be a certain thickness?

Firstly, the term kiln worked means it has placed in a kiln and heated anywhere from 1220 to 1550 degrees F. That's hot!

When in the kiln, if the temperature goes to what is called full fuse, this means the glass becomes molten hot. It wants to move and become a certain thickness - 1/4" or 6mm. Glass will actually shrink in width or expand in width to accommodate this characteristic if it is not already the magic 6mm.

Why does this happen? Two properties in nature effect glass when molten hot - surface tension and gravity. These two things 'fight' each other until an equilibrium is found and that just so happens to be 6mm.

This magic 6mm can be altered by creating barriers inside the kiln that keep it from expanding further, shrinking is another story all together.

So the next time you look at a piece of kiln worked glass (maybe at the New Hope Arts Festivals' Eye Candy Glass Art booth Sept 27?), you'll notice the thickness and know why.




Eye Candy Upcoming Shows

Eye Candy Glass Art will be at the 21st Annual New Hope Arts Festival On Sept 27 & 28 at the New Hope-Solebury High School. Admission is free with over 200 artists!

Eye Candy will also be participating in the Newtown Market Day, Saturday Oct 11, rain date Oct 12 on Court st and Centre Ave. from 10-4pm.

Hope to see you there!