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NEW River Rock Series

Check out the new River Rock Series. Each one is entirely different, this process creates a surprise each time the kiln is opened!

Although I can't tell you the exact secret of attaining this facinating effect, I can tell you that it is caused by selecting certain types of glass and seeing how they behave when fused together.

Not all glass has this effect, you need to experience to determine which ones have this property and experiment to find what the end results may look like. The process starts with selecting glass with certain chemical compositions. Some elements 'react' with each other when heated and create these outrageous results. Add to the mix either pure silver or copper and the results are even more fabulous.

Once fired, I handwork them to the desired shapes and bead them a complementary necklace. I am so excited to introduce these pieces to you, the mix of possibilities are endless!

River Rock Series