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The Technique of Glass Painting

Ever wonder how the scenes on church windows are made? I just finished a four day intensive course with Williams and Bryne at the Bryn Athyn College. These two gentlemen are the most amazing glass painters from England. What a fabulous experience.

Glass paint is actually finely ground glass, so fine it is a powder. When mixed with water and some hardener ( so it sticks to the glass), it can be used to paint images onto the glass. The images can then be shaded by adding a matte and then scratching or rubbing into them. Additional shading or lines can be placed on top of the image with a 'wash' of oil and paint. Once it's finished the piece is fired in a kiln whereby the paint becomes permanent.

Colored glass is painted in this fashion and then can be assembled into stained glass windows.

This example is just once piece on clear glass.

Heads UP! Some of my work will be showcased at Bryn Athyn College this weekend for the opening of Glasstopia, the American Glass Guilds annual conference!



New Addition to the Studio

It's been a long, cold winter and spring is struggling to get here. What I've been up to this winter you ask? Well, first a road trip to Arizona where it's much warmer than here. After the road trip I've been busy installing a new addition to the studio - a huge (for me) new kiln! I'll be working on some new projects: kiln firing painted glass windows. I'm going to be studying with Williams & Byrne in June at the glass conference in Byrn Athyn this June (verrry excited). These amazing artists are from England where they design, paint and restore stained glass. It is very important to me to continue learning and perfecting my skills with the most well known people in the industry. I feel that continuing education is crucial to the success of any business or career.

I do have some new pendants available that I need to get to my website as time allows, plus I'll be exhibiting some works at the Pebble Hill Gallery in Doylestown, PA in May and June. I'll let you know more on that later plus the shows I'm considering for this year. Think spring!

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