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Fine Versus Sterling Silver

Copper Cuff with fine silver bezel

Fine Silver Versus Sterling Silver - What's the Difference?

You might not realize that there are different types of silver, it's not all that meets the eye , or EyeCandy ;)

Depending on the desired result, different types of silver are used in jewelry.

The term fine silver refers to silver that is 100% pure silver. That means that there aren't any other types of metals mixed in the material. This type of silver is softer than sterling silver but is strong enough to use in bezels and pendants. Fine silver is soft enough to be malleable and shaped but strong enough for jewerly. It is also is more resistant to corrosion (tarnish).

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver. An alloy means that other metals are mixed in, in this case copper. The small amounts of copper make sterling stronger, but it will be more susceptible to tarnish.

When you see a jewelry piece that is stamped .925, that means that the piece is 92.5% silver and the rest is other metals, again usually copper.

While fine and sterling silver are more valuable, they are not to be confused with plated silver. Plated silver is a base metal that has been coated or plated with a thin layer of silver on top. It is not as valuable as fine or sterling silver and can wear over time to reveal the base metal.

I hope this is helpful when purchasing a new piece for your collection!