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How Long Is That?

As I ponder the meaning of life, I was wondering, what is the most popular length for a necklace? Weird, I know. My brain can take me to the most far off lands if I let it go long enough.

Maybe it depends on the outfit....or maybe it is individual taste....or maybe it is related to generation....I don't know. 

As an individual, I like shorter necklaces. For me the optimal length is 15-17". That's just what I'm comfortable with, or it's just what goes with most of what's in my closet.

I have seen some people wearing multiple necklaces with varying lengths, that looks nice too.

There is so much variation that I was hoping to get some feedback on what people like, and what they like to wear it with. I'm just one person so I figure that two heads (or many more) are better than one (mine). Hope to hear from you!