Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

How Exciting Designs are Created

In every piece of my glasswork there is a thought process from beginning to end. If you look at my work from pendants to art pieces, each one is made in an individual process from beginning to end. This means that every piece is made as one, never reproduced or repeated, never mass manufactured, and never made as a larger piece and then cut into many smaller ones.

You will notice that at any one time I don't have hundreds in my inventory. This is because it takes time to produce each piece and I can not control the amount of time it takes to decide what a piece will look like. Some artists like to sketch their piece first and then create it. I have never been able to work in that way. Sometimes I will start a piece with an idea in mind and by the end it goes a totally different way. I have to actually see and feel where the piece is going to get to the end result.

When designing windows I will create a sketch but it changes many times before I actually build it and sometimes I will change it, even in the build stage. I have been known to build and then undo and rebuild a piece if it doesn't 'light my fire'.

This is the mission I like to work towards so that anyone that purchases one of my pieces knows that is was made as a one and only, from beginning to end.

In the next post, I will discuss some of the processes that a piece of glass may take on it's way to becoming a piece I can be proud of.



You Have a Big Heart! Happy Valentine's Day

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