Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

A Peek at the Spoonbill

Every year I take at least one class from a well known artist in the glass industry. Each class gives me a new tool to incorporate into my work. I often combine techniques which creates excitement in a piece while I build it. The below window is a combination of traditional glass painting and stained glass. It is an Eye Candy design of a roseate spoonbill wading in the water. Spoonbills live in South America and regions of the caribbean. I've used glass based enamel paint on the face and legs of the spoonbill, the paint is fired in a kiln and becomes permanent on the glass. This window is still on the bench, each piece is cut by hand and copper foil is applied. Once every piece is foiled, the seams will be soldered together. Finally, an frame of either wood, or zinc came will be soldered to create a finished edge.

               Roseate Spoonbill

Window of Spoonbill           Photo of Spoonbill