Blog posts of '2014' 'January'

Go Fish! Painting on Glass



Check out his guy! He's a pike fish I painted on glass, ready for the kiln but unfired. He's actually painted on both sides . After firing I'll add color. The paint is mixed and tested on the light box so when painted on the glass it's the correct consistency.


This type of painting is similar to how church windows are made. It starts with a mat over the entire piece of glass, then tracing the outline, more matting for shading and then details. This can be done on both sides of the glass carefully. After firing, enamel glass paints can be added for color. This process is done in several firings depending on the desired outcome and technique used.

You can see all the testing I did. FUN with a capital F!


The Fruits of the Winter Freeze

Wow, I don't remember it being this cold ever! All I want to do is hibernate to my studio (what a plus!). Here is a sample of what the deep freeze has produced, these are still in the 'raw material' state of the process. There are more in the kiln I'll show you when they cool plus a new glass window in construction and some kiln worked glass paintings. Stay warm and I'll stay close to the kiln!