About Us

Eye Candy Stained & Fused Glass Art is a company that creates one-of-a-kind glass art and jewelry. Everything on this site is created by myself, artist Helene Cempa, from raw materials - glass. From glass windows and panels, to pendants, 3 dimensional stars, to moravian lamps, everything is hand crafted and unique. Helene has been crafting stained glass for over 20 years and fused glass for about 3 years. I have studied with Barry Kaiser, Tanya Veit, and David Alcala to perfect and learn new techniques in order to bring you the most imaginative and interesting unique pieces.

I got my start in the early 1990's when I was going through my mothers' belongings after she passed. On a bench in her basement was a partially started stained glass window that she had started to create. After seeing that window I decided I would finish the project in her memory. After finishing the window I never stopped creating and a passion for glass was born. I am interested in any type of glass work and try to learn as many things using this fabulous material as I can.

Windows/Panels are either designed and built by Eye Candy but some designs may be of other artists and crafted by Eye Candy (credits given when necessary). Windows can be custom designed and/or built in a special order for a customer. Also, pendants can be custom designed and created for a customers specific desires.

Everything I create I hope will inspire.